Our services

Meeting customers expectations and gaining trust is our priority. Our staff are highly qualified professionals who, through their work, their knowledge and skills, implement even most complex projects.

We perform welding of various metals and guarantee high quality stitches and fast work.

Metal bending is one of our specialties. We perform both small and big inquiries for a reasonable price.

With the use of specialized laser, cuts become smooth allowing for even most complex forms to be cut.

Rolling of metal is the rounding of sheets (otherwise deformation process) to the desired diameter or shape of the product.

Mechanical surface treatment of steel, copper and its alloys.

Our long-term experience and top-notch equipment allows us carry out unique milling orders to the smallest details.

The company performs high quality metal turning work. we turn to details of varying complexity. Experience and modern equipment

We can design parts or even entire projects based on your requirements.

UAB ``Gartena`` - Our mission

Meeting expectations and needs of our clients. By sharing our knowledge with them, we can create personalized services to create the best results and provide maximum reliability.

We strive to build trust and credibility without partners.

Processing of various types of metals

Processing of various types of metals (Ferrous metals, Non-ferrous metals) Welding (TIG, MIG, MAG, gas welding) – We weld steel, cast iron, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Turning, Honing, Milling of all kinds, Grinding, Polishing, Sheet metal cutting, Pipe bending.

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Design and manufacture of non-standard metal products

Manufacturing according to customer orders. The accumulated experience helps us to fulfill orders from idea delivery, design to serial production. Our non-standard products find application in various fields. Experienced designers will help you to customize your drawings for our production. If you don’t have drawings but have a good idea – contact us and we’ll make it work together.